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Top drunk driving sobriety exams if stopped for DUI or DWI

These test are performed in order to check the movements of the supposed drunk driver. In such a case, the officer will place something like his their index finger or pen in front of you then ask you to follow it with your eyes as they move it horizontally from one end to the other. If you follow the object smoothly you will pass the test but if you falter, your eyes shake or tremble, that will be a fail.

Standing on one leg

This test will be used in order to assess your balance. The police officer Moncton lawyers directory will ask you to step out of your car accident lawyer then to lift one of your legs about six inches off the ground. You will need to hold it in position for about 30 seconds and while you are at it, the officer will assess if:

  • Hop to keep your balance
  • Fall over
  • Sway your arms back and forth

If you do any of these things, you will have failed the test and will likely be arrested.

Walk and tu

During this test, you will be asked by the officer to walk in a straight line on a hell-to-toes manner. The officer will be assessing if:

  • You will stop in order to regain balance
  • Sway

    your body as you walk

  • Fall on the ground while doing it

If any of these happens as well. It will mean you are under the influence and will be brought in. If you are charged then in Toronto there a number of law firms to contact including

Finger to nose

For this test, the officer will need you to keep your feet together, tilt your head, stretch out your arms then touch the tip of your nose with the index finger and do it again the other hand. You will fail this test if you sway your arms, lose your balance or miss your nose.

Counting and reciting the alphabet

Last but not least, for this test, you will be asked by the Law Society officer to recite the alphabet forward the backwards. You will fail the test if you:

  • Skip some of the letters
  • Lose the concentration
  • Slur the number of letters

In this case, if you fail, you will also be arrested for drunk driving. You will face legal charges and you have to be ready Cantini Injury Law because these cases can be quite expensive.