Disability law abuse is commonly occurring in many parts of the world. This article tries to highlight some of the abuse that most disabled people go through. Especially, women and young girls who are disabled are abused in many ways, both physically and psychologically. 

People with disabilities are exposed to the risk of being abused or neglected. Even to the point of being the victims of the crime. Bearing that in mind, the government has set laws and rights to protect disabled people from discrimination or abuse. Despite the government trying to protect these disabled people, some of them are abused and neglected in areas such as working environments. Some different types of abuse of disabled people are discussed below. 

  1. Physical violence 

Disabled children and adults have some laws that protect them but end up being abused by people who care and protect them, peers take advantage and mistreat them while in their environments. The kind of abuse is usually in the form of physical violence, excessive use of corporal punishment, imprisonment at one’s home, that is, not allowed to get out. 

  1. Sexual abuse and exploitation 

There are strict measures taken when individuals are sexually abusing the disabled person. Despite all these law measures, some individuals end up mistreating the disabled sexually. Sexual abuse and exploitation may be of different kinds; rape, indecent exposure, involvement in prostitution, and pornography. 

  1. Psychological threats and harms 

It involves harassment, intimidation, threats of punishment and humiliation, verbal abuse, abandonment, emotional blackmailing, and infantilizing of disabled people. Although the government has set some laws to protect disabled people from psychological threats, these laws are broken, and the disabled are abused psychologically. 

  1. Financial abuse 

The government has set strict law measures to deal with individuals who financially abuse the disabled. But these laws sometimes are broken, and the disabled are mistreated. Financial abuse may include; fraud, theft of their belongings, properties, personal items, and even their money. 

  1. Institutional abuse 

Institutional abuse mainly occurs during programs like educational programs, working institutions where the laws of the disabled are violated when they get inappropriate skills or poorly trained, isolated from others, and lack privacy in their offices. 

  1. Inappropriate criminal proceedings 

Also, in courts, the disabled are mistreated and even not listened to. They end up being disturbed and their time wasted because they can’t help themselves, despite the laws protecting them.   

  1. Neglection, abandonment, and deprivation 

It can be physical neglect or emotional and may include lack of health care or careless risk-taking, and withdrawing from other necessities of daily living involving educational and behavioral programs. 

Generally, there are different types of abuse of disabled people. It is highly encouraged and advised to look after them. In that way, the government has set up rules and disability laws that govern and protect them from any of the above mistreatments lawyers called Share who are the best disability firm