What is travel insurance and How can we get this

What the travel insurance cover does not cover you on

Travel insurance is the insurance that you take in order to cover you while travelling or on trips. Just like any other Insurance for vehicle cover the travel insurance cover does not cover on every aspect of your travelling. This therefore can be very frustrating for a traveler in case he or she dint know about the excluded factors in their insurance cover as they may feel that their insurance partner have cheated them. Therefore as traveler you need to make sure that you truly understand everythi8ng on the travel insurance that you are currently servicing. The information on what is covered and not covered by your insurance cover is located in the policy certificate and during your free time, just go ad look into it and you will find all the information. However, this article will cover the most common cases in which your travel insurance partner will not cover you on. They include:

Preexisting conditions

In case you are travelling and you have a pre-existing condition which may ask for the medical cover, the travel insurance does not cover you ion that. For example, in case you have a pre-existing medical condition like cancer and you are travelling, your travel insurance will not cover you on the same as it is not an emergency. The travel insurance covers issues which are not existing but you are anticipating that they might occur. Ho0wever in case you have a pre-existing condition like you are sick already but you need travel insurance, you can purchase waiver which means that the cover will include you even with your condition but you will be paying more than the standard amount of the travel insurance. This is because you are a higher risk of suffering while on transit to your trip destination.

Changing your mind

In case you change your mind on travelling based on different issues and therefore cancel your trip, that is your own problem not your travel about Insurance cover. What the travel insurance cover takes care after is the condition, which cannot be avoided like change in weather making your airline to cancel the trip or other factors like terrorist activity, which may endanger your life. Even if you change your mind just because you cannot afford the trip the travel insurance partner will not cover for those costs. However, in the travel insurance cover, there is an option where you can opt to choose the cancel for any reason coverage where you have the right to cancel your trip for any reason, and you will be compensated. However, the option requires you to cancel the trip before it starts not when it has already started.

Medical treatment trips

The travel insurance cover does not cover for trips that are seeking to find medical attention out side your country, this is because you have a pre-existing condition, which puts you at a high risk. The travel insurance cover covers you on trips that are normal like business trips, tours among others. However just like in any other area there is an option to take a medical tourism cover, which covers you in case you have any health complications, and you need to travel outside the country. However, you will need to be paying more on the cover on a monthly basis.

Participating in extreme sports

The travel insurance cover often has an option of covering you even on the activities that you do while in your trip. These activities include even the sports that you participate in while on your trip. Therefore, in case you injure yourself while participating in these activities your medical costs are covered by your insurance partner. However, in case you participate in high-risk games while on your trip, the travel insurance cover will not cover you. This is because you are putting yourself in danger, which is pre-existing and therefore the chances of you getting injured is high. Therefore, whenever you are participating in extreme sports while on your trip be prepared t cover your own medical costs, as you are not covered. Some of the games considered high risk include sky diving, scuba diving, heli skiing among others.

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